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Rocket Punch - Ketchy FANSHIP

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Rocket Punch - Ketchy is a premium membership that provides special benefits.

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Rocket Punch Official Fanclub


  • This product is 1st Generation for Ketchy, the official fan club for the artist 'RocketPunch'.
Member benefits
  • Watching exclusive broadcast or video available only to members
  • Photo and text available only to members (including chat)
  • Provide members-only board
  • Watching the provided video/live without ads
  • Provide an opportunity to apply for public broadcasts and offline events (※ not a guaranteed benefit)
  • When purchasing a membership which includes a Welcome Kit and Real Official Lightstick, the Welcome Kit is provided. (Delivery fee excluded)
  • Opportunities to buy concert tickets in advance (※ not a guaranteed benefit)
Special Event
  • Members-only Prize Event
  • Shooting props and Polaroid prizes events will be held at least twice a year via MEMBERSHIP-only contents.
How to Use
  • In the case of overseas subscribers, the name must be same as 'passport name'. If it's not identical to your passport name, there may be disadvantages.
  • When purchasing MEMBERSHIP products, you must authenticate with your phone. If you don't have one under your name, you may authenticate via a phone under your family's name. However, when subsequent identification is made, you must bring your family relationship certificate and your ID.
  • In the case of attending an offline event, you must bring your ID to verify your membership. (Domestic member: ID with name+date of birth+photo / overseas member: passport, alien registration card) (If you joined under the name of a family member, you must provide your family relationship certificate and your ID.)
  • In the app, you must enable all notifications of [Notifications for channels you follow] on MY > App Settings > Notification to receive app notifications related to MEMBERSHIP benefits. (Note. In app version 4.6.x or lower, you must enable [Event Reminders] on MY > App Settings.)
  • You can enjoy the online and offline benefits with more convenience if you enter your mobile phone number on V Edit Profile.
  • For foreign members who register, you can enjoy the online and offline benefits with more convenience if you enter your English passport name and date of birth on MY > Edit Profile after you register.
  • The advance booking is allowed only once for the member himself/herself, and you may lose your membership if you sell or transfer the 'opportunity' for advance booking or the 'purchased ticket' via advance booking to others.
  • If you have purchased a product which includes a Welcome Kit, please don't forget to enter your shipping address and complete the payment for shipping within the delivery application period. (※ If you don't enter the address nor pay within the given period, the kit will not be delivered)
  • The Welcome Kit is made and delivered after the application period closes.
  • We will not resend Welcome Kits returned due to subscribers' negligence, such as the absence of recipient and unclear address. So please enter an address where you can receive the Kit.
  • If you left the delivery application page displayed immediately after joining the MEMBERSHIP, you can request it again on the [MY-MY MEMBERSHIP] page.
  • The Welcome Kit which include a membership card is a benefit available only to fan club members, and you cannot sell or transfer it to others and when you are caught transferring or selling, you will lose your membership.
  • Membership cards included in the Welcome Kit will not be re-issued when they are lost.
  • Detailed guide for your Welcome Kit delivery can be found in Help. (Help > V LIVE > MEMBERSHIP > Limited-time MEMBERSHIP > Welcome Kit)
  • Some of the notified benefits may change to other benefits of the same value, depending on the circumstances of the celeb and the agency.
  • You can view members-only video/post content on both mobile app and PC.
  • VOD service may take time if the video requires ratings.
  • Chatting is only available on mobile app.
  • On mobile, you need to update the app to the latest version to use the service smoothly.
Notes help
  • The purchase of this membership is allowed only once per person during the specified period, and the transfer of the membership is strictly prohibited. If you transfer it to others, you will be disqualified from the membership.
  • To use this product in mobile, you need latest version of the app.
  • FANSHIP-only VOD can be viewed simultaneously on up to 5 registered devices.
  • FANSHIP-only LIVE can be viewed simultaneously on up to 2 devices. (From 04.16.2020)
  • If you delete your V LIVE account, your personal information will be removed as well, so you’re not able to access your membership.
  • All the videos that celebs upload are members-only content, so you may have liability when you disclose exclusive content.
  • All the benefits are available during the membership period only, and you cannot sell or transfer the FANSHIP membership to others.
  • You may not have complete access to the membership or may lose your membership due to your improper activities.
  • If minors do not obtain consent from guardian before making a purchase, the purchase can be cancelled by their guardian or themselves (for purchases in Korea only).
  • You can request a refund within 7 days from the date of purchase. Note that you will be refunded the value of your purchase after deducting the price of your usage (if applicable).
  • For more information about refund policies, see "Cancellation and Refund Policy." For other information, see Help.
  • For more information dealing with personal information, go to [Settings > About > Privacy Policy] to check our Privacy Policy.
  • For payment method, please refer to following Help.
    (Help > V LIVE > FANSHIP > Payment methods)
  • The profit of the membership will be used for supporting the Star's creative activities and service operations.


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