V LIVE Privacy Policy (ver1.8)

Items of personal information to be collected

When becoming a member by logging in using other social media sites, respective member's nickname, ID, and profile image will be collected from the corresponding social media site. Login is possible with email address instead of logging in with social media and email address and password will be collected.

While using the service, name, date of birth, gender, email address and mobile phone number will be collected by receiving the user's consent. When personal verification is made, name, date of birth, gender, duplicate information (DI), encoded connecting information (CI), mobile phone number and wireless network provider (upon mobile phone verification), and Korean/foreigner registration information are collected.

In addition, in the course of using services, IP addresses, payment history, service use records, records of poor use, device information, etc. may be automatically generated and collected.

Personal information collection methods

The company collects personal information to provide services in the following manner:
Directly collected from the user during the course of subscription and use of V LIVE & V Fansubs service (hereafter referred to as V LIVE Service) Provided from the affiliated partners Collected through the created information-gathering tools

Purposes of collecting and using personal information

The company uses the collected information for the following purposes: To help users seamlessly access services To identify users and prevent illegal use of services To create statistical data about service use For surveys and analysis required to improve services For a lottery and prizes shipment of campaigns and events To identify users and respond to an inquiry when there is one from a user To notify depending on needs, including important notices, etc. To deliver information (including advertisement) and customized services provided by the Company, including V LIVE services For users' identity verification, purchases and payments as well as delivery of goods and services according to the provision of paid service

Usage of personal information and providing to a third party

In principle, the company does not provide any external party with the personal information of the user without prior written consent. However, exceptions are as follows:
If the user agrees in advance If under the provisions of the law and regulations

Recipient Provided Items Purpose for providing Retention and usage period
  • ① Purchaser Information (name, VID, nickname, date of birth, email address)
② Product purchase information (purchased product name, product purchase date)
  • ③ Event participation information
Manage membership and provide benefits for events Period of service
Ticket company VID, name, date of birth Consult customers who are eligible for booking benefits and handle duties on countermeasures against illegal booking Retained for 3 months after the event ends 
and destroyed without delay if the purpose of use is achieved
Welcome Kit Manufacturer VID, name Process tasks necessary to 
fulfill MEMBERSHIP benefits (Produce MEMBERSHIP card in Welcome Kit) Period of service
Welcome Kit Carrier Recipient, contact, shipping address, V ID, email address Process tasks necessary to 
fulfill MEMBERSHIP benefits (Delivery, customer inquiry) Period of service

Consignment of handling personal information

The company has consigned the personal information for the service supply as below.
Trustee company and consigned details
(1) Customer Service: inComms Inc., Greenweb Inc. Service, NAVER VIETNAM
(2) Infrastructure operation for service supply and prevention of illegal use of services: NAVER Cloud Corp.
(3) Data backup (storage): NAVER CLOUD ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD
(4) Payment processing and theft prevention for the use of paid service : Allat (credit card), KG Mobilians (mobile payment), LG Uplus (account transfer), KG Inicis (gift voucher), KS-NET (deposit without passbook), Paypal
(5) In addition to the consignees above, we use Google Analytics, a login analysis tool, for service usage and statistical analysis.
(6) Development and management of the system for service: NAVER WEBTOON Limited Period of retention and use of personal information: Until withdrawing from the membership or the termination of consignment contract

Storing of personal information outside the country

Trustee company: NAVER CLOUD ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD Location: Singapore (#24-01, Vision Exchange, 2 Venture Drive, Singapore 608526) Consignment date and method: long-distance transmission using exclusive network for private company since July 13, 2020 Email address of person in charge of information: nbpcc@naver.com Consignment personal information detail: Minimum user data required for recovery Consignment details: Data backup (storage) between the countries to protect user data from disasters and catastrophes Period of retention of personal information: Same as the retention period mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

Rights of users and how to exercise the rights

Users may examine or correct their own registered personal information at any time, and ask to have their account deleted. If the user asks for correction of an error in their personal information, the relevant personal information will not be used or provided until the correction is completed. In addition, if this incorrect personal information was already provided to a third party, we will notify the result of correction to the third party without delay and have it corrected. The company will terminate or delete personal information upon the request of the users as specified in the “Period of retention and use of personal information”, and also process not to browse or use for other purposes. Use of our service is restricted to children under 14.

Matters regarding installation/operation and rejection of automatic devices collecting personal information

The purpose of the use of cookies
They are used to identify the visit and use types and the volume of users of the services and websites that the users have used, and to provide optimized information to the users.
The installation/operation and rejection of cookies
The users have the option to set cookies. The users may allow or deny the storage of cookies from the option menu which is available in the browser and OS. However, if they refuse to save cookies, some services requiring login may not be accessible.

Period of retention and use of personal information

In principle, the company will destroy the personal information of users without delay, when purposes of collecting and using personal information have been achieved. However, if there is a need to store it pursuant to the company’s internal policy or the relevant laws and regulations, it may be kept for a certain period of time.

[Cases when the personal information is kept in accordance with the laws] Consumer Protection Law in Electronic Commerce, etc.
Records such as contract or cancellation, etc., of an order: Five (5) years
Records regarding supply of payment, goods, etc.: Five (5) years
Records regarding consumer complaints or dispute resolutions: Three (3) years
Protection of Communications Secrets Act
Three (3) months of storing access log records

[Cases when the personal information is kept in accordance with the company standards]
Nickname and profile image for CS processing of withdrawn member: Three (3) months

Destruction procedures and methods of personal information

The company’s destruction procedures and methods for personal information are as below: Destruction procedures
After the purpose of use is achieved, the information that the user entered for the service use shall be destroyed in accordance with internal policy and the relevant laws and regulations after being stored for a certain period of time. The relevant personal information shall not be used for purposes other than the storage purpose, except in cases according to the law.
Destruction methods
Personal information printed on paper shall be destroyed in a shredder, and personal information stored as an electronic file type shall be deleted by using technical methods that will disable the reproduction of the records.

Where to Contact for privacy policy inquiries

If you have any questions/complaints/consultations regarding the Privacy Policy, please contact Data Protection&Privacy (Contact us).


With regard to the collection of personal information by other business operators from the link page in the services, etc., this is not covered by the Privacy Policy.

Revision of the Privacy Policy

If there is any addition, deletion or modification to the current Privacy Policy, users will be notified through the “Bulletin board” beginning 7 days prior to the revision at the latest. However, if there is a significant modification to the user’s rights such as collecting and use, or the supply of personal information to a third party, etc., users will be notified at least 30 days before it goes into effect.

Privacy Policy announced on April 15, 2021

Privacy Policy enforced on April 22, 2021

See previous version of Privacy Policy (ver1.7)

Personal Information Provider

  • 1. Agency
    220 Entertainment, MAGIC STRAWBERRY SOUND, MAKEUS Entertainment, MusicK Entertainment, Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, Big Hit Entertainment, Starroad Entertainment, Starship Entertainment, Sublime Artist Agency, Source Music, C-Jes Entertainment, Woolim Entertainment, Yue Hua Entertainment, Jecheon International Music & Film Festival, CULTURE THINK, Cube Entertainment, Cracker Entertainment, Pocket Dol Studio, Pledis, Play M Entertainment, HOW entertainment, DSP media, JYP Entertainment, MBK Entertainment, MLD Entertainment, MNH Entertainment, RBW, SM C&C, WM Entertainment, YG Entertainment.
  • 2. Ticket Companies
    YES24 Corporation (YES24), Interpark Corporation (Interpark), Kakao Corporation (Melon Ticket), NHN Ticketlink Corporation (Ticketlink), 11Street Corporation (Ticket 11st), eBay Korea (Auction Ticket, Gmarket Ticket), HanaTour Corporation (HanaTicket), TMON Corporation (TMON Ticket), WEMAKEPRICE INC (WEMAKEPRICE TICKET)
  • 3. Welcome Kit Manufacturer
    Sung Jee Design, COPAN GLOBAL Co., Ltd, Everline, Waty Company, Beatro
  • 4. Welcome Kit Carrier
    Pantos Logistics