Chemibeat is a short form of "chemistry beat" and shows a relationship (chemistry) between yourself and a Star with the number of beats.
You can see your Chemibeat on the Star's channel you've joined. The level and ranking are calculated based on activities in the channel for the past twelve months.

You can raise your Chemibeat by joining the Stars' channel you like and participating in channel-related activities such as viewing videos, visiting the channel, sharing posts, posting, commenting, etc.
Don't miss out and watch the video, especially if you receive a live broadcast notification!
You can raise your Chemibeat even more by watching a live broadcast.
The Chemibeat count is updated daily (24 hours) after applying activities occurred yesterday based on Korean Standard Time (KST).
The level and ranking are calculated based on your activities and the weight is given on recent activities; it is important not to stop doing activities to get higher level and ranking.
Maintain your level with continuous activities and try to level up your Chemibeat!